Our Bike Rental Program

By Garyk Simpson

Our Bike Rental Program

Hey guys and gals! Here is our trail and downhill bike rental program for the summer.

Trail Bikes:

Regular (Kona Precept) - $50/day, $125 for 3 days, and $300 for 7 days

High Performance (Kona Process 153) - $75/day, $175 for 3 days, and $450 for 7 days.

Downhill Bikes:

Kona Operator - $75/day, $175 for 3 days, and $450 for 7 days.


If you have any inquiries or want to reserve a bike please call us at 250-423-6464.


The Kona Process 153 (below)

The Kona Precept (below)

The Kona Operator (below)


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